From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2010:

Helping in China

Your April 2010 editorial “How to introduce neuter/return &
make it work” is really informative and useful. I have learnt a lot
from it. Therefore I had it translated into Chinese and have sent it
out to all the Chinese animal groups through the Alliance for Animals
in China, which is nurtured and supported by ACTAsia. Your article
was also distributed to our veterinary practical training program on
companion animal welfare and neutering techniques at the end of July
This is our second year of operating the vet training
program, to help more vets do better and more humane operations in
supporting the neuter/return projects for cats in Shenzhen and
Beijing. This year the Beijing Husbandry & Veterinary Station, under
the Agriculture Bureau of Beijing, was a joint organiser with us.
Besides the vet training, we also ran a session for animal
groups and neuter/return caretakers. I distributed your article to

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Showdown expected in Ohio over farm standards evolves into a deal

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2010:
COLUMBUS–Instead of shaking hands and
coming out fighting on the November 2010 Ohio
state ballot, representatives of the Ohioans for
Humane Farms coalition and the Ohio Farm Bureau
Federation on June 30, 2010 shook hands with
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland over a truce that
leaves the proposed ballot issues to be arbited
by the newly formed Ohio Livestock Care Standards
That the industry-controlled Ohio
Livestock Care Standards Board rather than voters
should control farm animal conditions was a goal
sought by agribusiness for more than two years.

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