AWBI chair Kharb makes an example of Ahmedabad

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2010:
AHMEDABAD–Animal Welfare Board of India chair Rammehar Kharb
on April 20, 2010 warned the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation against
“persisting with the completely outdated, barred practice of dumping,
and even destroying dogs” by capturing them violently with iron tongs
and abandoning them at desert dump sites.
“Not only are the Animal Birth Control rules being flagrantly
violated,” Kharb wrote, “but the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Act is also being violated. Your actions, and the actions of your
employees, constitute an offence under the Penal Code.”
Kharb released his warning to Ahmedabad media less than 60
days after asking the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation “to cancel
your ABC contract awarded to Animal Shelter & Hospital at Ahmedabad
Foundation, which is not recognized or registered with AWBI,
failing which AWBI will be constrained to initiate action in the
Kharb notified ABC providers after the 2009 publication of
the AWBI Standard Operating Procedure Manual for Sterilization of
Stray Dogs that they must comply with the SOP to continue to receive
AWBI funding.

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