Toronto Humane Society back in shelter

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2010:


TORONTO–The Ontario SPCA returned management of the Toronto
Humane Society to THS on April 1, 2010, under an agreement ratified
by Superior Court Justice David Brown, but the THS shelter is to
remain closed for six weeks, from April 12 to June 1, while the
building is cleaned and the staff are retrained.
THS was given the first 12 days of April to find homes for
about 200 animals remaining at the shelter. Any animals not placed
by April 12 were to be surrendered to the Ontario SPCA.
The 13 present THS board members are to resign before a May
30 board election. Tim Trow, THS president since November 2001,
resigned on January 26, 2010. Trow and seven other THS personnel are
facing charges including conspiracy and neglect of animals. The
Ontario SPCA began charging THS key personnel after raiding THS–for
the second time in five months–in November 2009.

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