Israel to ban fur?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2010:


TEL AVIV–The Israeli ministerial committee on law and
constitution on February 7, 2009 unanimously approved a bill to ban
the import and export of fur garments, except for shtreimels, a
type of fur hat traditionally worn by Hassidic Jews.
“The bill, prohibiting originally only trade in cat and dog
fur, has been expanded to include all fur from all mammals,”
explained Let The Animals Live founder Eli Altman. “Now the
Education, Culture and Sports Ministry committee will vote on the
amendment,” Altman added. “With their approval the bill will be
put to a second and then third reading before finally being past into

Introduced by Knesset member Ronit Tirosh, and passed by the
Knesset on first reading as initially written, the bill was expanded
at request of agriculture minister Shalom Simchon. Simchon argued
that wild animals suffer the same cruelties in fur production as dogs
and cats, and that having to distinguish one type of fur from
another would excessively burden customs officers.
Nitzan Horowitz, member of the Knesset from Meretz,
introduced a bill to ban fur garments in early 2009, but it did not
advance. Knesset member Ronit Triosh introduced the bill to ban dog
and cat fur.

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