Interest in the Chinese draft bill around Pacific Rim

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2010:


TAIPEI, SEOUL– The Chinese draft animal welfare bill
attracted keen interest elsewhere around the Pacific Rim, especially
as a potential precedent for strengthening the animal welfare laws of
some of China’s major Asian trading partners.
Business news media discussed whether the introduction of a
Chinese animal welfare act will lead to international regulation of
animal welfare comparable to the regulation of commerce in endangered
species. Most pundits appeared to agree that whatever animal welfare
legislation China enacts will become the default standard for Asia,
and that no nation will prosper in trade if it has lower standards.

The Taipei-based China Post likened the persistence of
dog-eating in China to the consumption of whale meat in Japan, “now
marginally eaten by many of the younger generation, who see the
habit as a cultural remnant.”
Recommending compromise, to ensure passage of a Chinese
animal welfare act without a protracted conflict over dog-eating,
the China Post concluded that, “Taken as a culturally legitimate
food source, dogs raised for food must be given the same humane
treatment that animal welfare groups advocate for farm animals.”
Changkil Park, founder of the South Korean organization
Voice 4 Animals, took an opposite tack, urging China to prohibit
eating dogs and cats at a February 2, 2010 rally in Seoul. “It’s
only a draft,” Park acknowledged, “but it is important and greatly
welcomed with open arms!”

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