Dogs Deserve Better founder charged

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2010:


TIPTON, Pennsylvania–Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Ci
Thayne told ANIMAL PEOPLE on February 17, 2010 that she expects to
appeal a trespassing conviction adjudicated against her the day
before by Portage magistrate Galen Decort.
Decort fined Thayne $25 plus $167 court costs for allegedly
remaining on the property of Jason and Krystal Cann, of Lilly,
Pennsylvania, after being ordered to leave.
Decort dismissed Thayne’s video of the incident on grounds
that a video might be altered.

According to Thayne, the incident began when she “spotted
two skinny dogs with inadequate shelter, minimal straw, no food,
and no water.” She knocked on the door, “and when no one answered,
left a Dogs Deserve Better calendar and stuffed the doghouses with
straw to save the dogs from immediate danger of death by freezing. ”
She saw no one on that visit, she said, but was accosted by
Krystal Cann on a second visit three days later.
The Cambria County Humane Society told the Canns to repair
their doghouse, Thayne said, but did not bring charges against them
for keeping the two dogs in conditions that Thayne contends fail the
Pennsylvania requirement that dogs must have “sustenance, drink, and
sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement
weather and preserve the animal’s body heat and keep it dry.”
Thayne, who changed her name from Tammy Grimes, was in
February 2008 sentenced to do 300 hours of community service, in a
capacity helping humans rather than animals, and to spend a year on
probation, for removing an old and apparently painfully dying dog
from a yard in East Freedom, Pennsylvania in September 2006.
The Central Pennsylvania SPCA and Blair County district
attorney Richard Consiglio refused to press a cruelty case against
the people who chained the dog. Thayne was convicted of theft and
receiving stolen property in December 2007. Thayne was ordered to
cease posting photos and selling merchandise bearing images of the
dog, and to pay the $1,700 cost of her trial, plus additional fees of

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