China reportedly bans bullfights

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2010:


“China has decided not to allow bullfights,” International
Movement Against Bullfights coordinator Maria Lopes e-mailed to
supporters on Feb-ruary 7, 2010, citing “several Spanish newspapers
published today.” The Spanish newspapers reported that a plan by
matador Manolo Sanchez to build a 7,000-seat bull ring in the Beijing
suburb of Huairou had been scuttled.
The Spanish accounts were not immediately confirmed by
Chinese media, but the Beijing Global Times on January 27, 2010
reported about Chinese opposition to repeated attempts to introduce
Spanish-style bullfighting to China.

Global Times noted that Huairou officials had developed doubts
about the project. Global Times mentioned that bullfighting was
recently banned in Catalona province, Spain, and that the number of
bullfights held in Spain dropped 30% in 2009. Global Times noted that
news about efforts to promote bullfighting in China has usually been
reported first in Spain.
A Portuguese-style bullfight was held in Shanghai in 2004,
but plans to build a 6,400-seat bull ring at the Beijing Wild Animal
Park were cancelled later that year.

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