Quebec to regulate dog breeders

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November/December 2009:


QUEBEC–Quebec Agriculture Minister
Claude B├ęchard pledged recently to CBC News that
the provincial government will act upon all five
recommendations issued on October 7, 2009 by a
Task Force on Companion Animal Welfare appointed
in February 2009 to investigate the Quebec puppy
The task force was empaneled a month
after the Montreal SPCA impounded 367 dogs in
three raids on alleged puppy mills.
Chaired by Geoff Kelley, Member of the
National Assembly from Jacques-Cartier, the task
force recommended that 15 new inspectors should
be appointed to enforce humane laws, quadrupling
the present inspection force, at cost of about
$500,000; that $1 million should be invested in
improving animal shelters; that new regulations
should more explicitly define proper care of
animals; that fines for animal abuse and neglect
should be increased; and that the task force
should continue working.

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