Eight California cities ban declawing

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November/December 2009:


MARIN, Calif.–Racing to beat a January 1, 2010 deadline
imposed by the state legislature, cities including about a sixth of
the population of California had banned declawing cats by December 8,
2009, and Marin County was expected to join them.
“I’m leaning very heavily toward going for it, given the
cruelty issue,” Marin County supervisor Charles McGlashan told
Richard Halstead of the Marin Independent Journal. McGlashan
indicated that declawing might be banned at the county board meeting
of December 15, 2009, one day after the 102nd anniversary of the
founding of the Marin County Humane Society. Marin County is also
home of national animal advocacy organizations including In Defense
of Animals, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the Humane Farming

West Hollywood banned declawing in 2003, the first city in
the U.S. to do so. Failing to overturn the West Hollywood ordinance
in court, the California Veterinary Medical Association prevailed
upon the state legislation to pass Senate Bill 762, preventing
cities and counties from banning any veterinary or medical procedure
after January 1, 2010 that is legal at the state level.
The cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica,
Berkeley, Burbank, Beverly Hills, and Culver City all banned
declawing within 60 days of the deadline.

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