Injunction vs. SPCA Intl.

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2009:


MONTREAL –A Quebec Superior Court judge on October 12, 2009
allowed former Canadian SPCA executive director Pierre Barnoti to
continue using the “” web address, pending the outcome of a
lawsuit brought against him by the Canadian SPCA, but required that
donations received through the site by Barnoti’s new venture, SPCA
International, be deposited into a trust fund.
“Another $50,000 will be held in trust,” reported Jason
Magder of the Montreal Gazette. “Another trial will be held to
decide who owns the rights to the domain name.”
The “” domain name originally belonged to the
Canadian SPCA, also known as the Montreal SPCA, but Barnoti
transferred it to SPCA International, which he incorporated in
Delaware in 2006. Barnoti was suspended in March 2008 by the
Canadian SPCA board, and was fired in July 2008, after the Canadian
SPCA was unexpectedly found to be $4 million in debt.

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