Gangetic dolphins in zoo?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2009:


NEW DELHI, PATNA–Created to protect the Ganga River and
tributaries, the Ganga River Basin Authority debuted on October 5,
2009 by declaring Gangetic dolphins the Indian national aquatic
animal, on a motion by Bijar chief minister Nitish Kumar. The
action gives Gangetic dolphins status equivalent to tigers, the
national animal, and peacocks, the national bird. As few as 1,500

Gangetic dolphins remain in the Ganga basin.
“Gangetic dolphins represent the health of the rivers,
particularly the Ganga,” explained national environment and forest
minister Jairam Ramesh. Only in office since August 2009,
Ramesh has rapidly developed an animal-friendly reputation–but he
stepped into hot water at a Wildlife Week function just a day later
by pledging to “ensure that the Gangetic dolphin is kept in the Delhi
Zoo, for creating awareness among visitors about the importance of
the species.”
The Delhi Zoo has no dolphinarium, Delhi Zoo animal care has
often been controversial, and People for Animals founder Maneka
Gandhi, who twice held Ramesh’s portfolio in the 1980s and 1990s,
has for more than 30 years fought efforts to introduce dolphinariums
to India.
Citing the Ganga River Basin Authority motion, Nitish Kumar
on October 8, 2009 ordered the Bijar state police to stop dolphin
hunting and captures.

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