Disasters strike abroad

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2009:
An electrical fire razed the Qatar Animal Welfare Society on
September 3. The founders evacuated more than 100 animals, but 35
dogs, cats, rabbits, and a possum were killed. “All QAWS now has
is the surviving animals and the collars they were wearing,” said an
appeal e-mailed to supporters. Updates were posted at <www.qaws.org>.
Torrential rains meanwhile inundated much of the Istanbul
region of Turkey. “Besides human casualties, there are many animal
casualties,” reported Linda Taal of the Dutch-based organization
Actiezwerfhonden (Action for Dogs), which assists several Turkish
animal aid projects.
“The dogs in the forest shelter are doing okay,” Taal
continued, referring to the facility at the Kemerburgaz landfill
that ANIMAL PEOPLE profiled in July/August 2001, “but thousands of
strays were drowned, and one shelter was flooded, with at least 130
animals killed. Flooding at a vet clinic killed 40 animals.”
Earlier, Typhoon Morakot damaged 10 animal shelters in two
counties of Taiwan, which among them housed about 1,000 dogs. About
100 dogs were drowned or were missing, the Central News Agency said
on August 10.

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