More Bali rabies deaths

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2009:
Jama Asmara, 46, on March 23, 2009 became the eighth human
victim of a canine rabies outbreak afflicting southeastern Bali,
Indonesia since September 2008. Bitten in November 2008, Jama
Asmara reportedly received post-exposure vaccination on November 27,
plus a later booster, but skipped two further prescribed boosters
because he did not feel ill.
Previous Bali rabies victims have included two
three-year-olds, a four-year-old, two 32-year-olds, and a

The Bali government has reportedly killed at least 2,000
dogs, mostly with strychnine, and has vaccinated about 20,000 near
confirmed rabies cases, using an Indonesian-made vaccine that
requires revaccination after only three months. As of late March
2009, Bali officials admitted that they were having difficulty
administering revaccinations. Hospitals and clinics were mostly out
of human post-exposure vaccine.
The Bali government, as first reported in ANIMAL PEOPLE in
November/ December 2008, continues to prohibit the Bali Animal
Welfare Association and other animal help agencies from either
importing up-to-date vaccines good for at least three years, or
vaccinating dogs outside the rabies zones.

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