Big trouble at South Jersey Animal Rescue, Clean Slate, and Cats With No Name

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2009:

The New Jersey SPCA on March 4, 2009 filed three civil and
three criminal counts of cruelty to animals against Daniel C. Tyce,
26, of Atlantic City, and filed a similar set of charges against
his alleged assistant, Sam Smith. Tyce for about two years
allegedly pretended to be a female veteterinarian, “Dr. Danielle
Smith,” of “South Jersey Small Animal Rescue.”
Arrested on January 9, 2009 in Vineland, New Jersey, for
practicing medicine without a license, Tyce was held in the
Cumberland County Jail in lieu of posting $10,000 bond. After police
and state conservation officers raided his home on January 12, Tyce
was indicted by an Atlantic County grand jury for alleged illegal
possession of prescription-strength ibuprofen and possession of a
prescription drug with intent to distribute.

The Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society and the Humane
Society of the U.S. on March 2, 2009 evacuated to a temporary
shelter in Bowling Green the last 96 of 240 dogs and 31 cats who were
surrendered to the Green River Animal Shelter on February 24 by Clean
Slate Animal Rescue founder David Howery. Howery, 50, of
Sparksville, Kentucky, was charged with 295 counts of cruelty.
The Clean Slate animals also included “53 chickens, 13
goats, three sheep, three potbellied pigs, seven ducks, three
chinchillas, one horse, two donkeys and a large bird thought to be
a parrot,” wrote Paul B. Hayes of the Columbia Adair Progress.
Howery founded Clean Slate in Estacada, Oregon, but moved to
Sparksville in March 2007.

Virginia E. Justiniano, 49, and Andrew J. Oxenrider, 37,
of Pine Grove Township, Pennsylvania, were on February 19, 2009
charged with 118 counts of cruelty for alleged neglect of cats at the
Cats With No Name sanctuary, founded by Justiniano in 1996. She
was then known by her former married name, Virginia Kresge.
“The neglected cats were discovered after a January 24
traffic incident, in which Oxenrider was arrested, charged with
drug possession and attempting to bribe a police officer,” wrote
Pottsville Republican & Herald staff reporter Frank Andruscavage.
Searching the Cats With No Name premises, police “found cocaine,
ketamine, marijuana, doxycycline and oxytetracycline, several
thousand hypodermic needles, and materials used for packaging
drugs,” Andruscavage recounted. Oxenrider was on February 19
charged with 20 drug-related offenses. Justiniano was charged with
six drug-related offenses.
Volunteers mobilized by the Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA
reportedly found 70 live cats, a deer, four ferrets, two
chickens, a rooster, and four geese at Cats With No Name, plus
many dead cats. Of the live cats, 13 were euthanized due to
irrecoverable effects of disease and starvation. Pallets of cat food
were stacked at the scene, rescuers said, but according to police
the defendants were selling donated cat food to buy drugs, rather
than feeding the animals. Claims of severe neglect at Cats With No
Name were were posted to the Internet in September 2007, but were
apparently not investigated by law enforcement.

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