Cowboys lose copyright case

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2009:
CHICAGO–The Electronic Frontiers Foundation on February 12,
2009 announced that the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association has
agreed to pay $25,000 and accept restraints on making claims of
copyright violation against the animal advocacy group Showing Animals
Respect & Kindness.
Asserting that SHARK had violated the federal Digital
Millennium Act, the PRCA in December 2007 pressured YouTube into
removing from the web several videos of rodeo violence posted by
SHARK. The Electronic Frontiers Foundation then sued the PRCA on
SHARK’s behalf.
“The money goes to EFF, not us,” SHARK founder Steve Hindi
told ANIMAL PEOPLE. “That’s only fair, as they put a lot of time
into the case, and we could never have won it without them. The
exciting part for us is that the PRCA has agreed not to enforce a ‘no
videotaping’ provision in its ticket contracts against us, unless it
enforces the same provision against others. This means the PRCA may
no longer selectively enforce the provision against critics.”

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