Catty the miracle dog caption

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2009:
“Here is Catty the miracle dog,” writes Egyptian Society for
Mercy to Animals founder Mona Khalil from Cairo, Egypt. “Her
puppies were snatched from her and she was dropped in a busy street
so that she probably would get killed by cars. With her are the
three kittens we found nursing from her, as they too were snatched
from their mum and dropped in a box in the same area.” Discovered by
a gardener who feeds animals in the vicinity, Catty and the kittens,
five other abandoned kittens, and another dog were picked up from
amid the traffic by Khalil and her father. “They are all now at the
ESMA shelter,” Khalil said. “We will keep Catty and the kittens
together, and will look to get them adopted together too.”
Though rare, the case is not unprecedented: ANIMAL PEOPLE
has since 1992 collected 23 other authenticated accounts of dogs
cross-fostering kittens, plus five accounts of cats cross-fostering
puppies in similar rescue situations.

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