“Activist vegetarian” elected to head Canadian SPCA

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2008:
MONTREAL–The Canadian SPCA board of directors on April 9,
2008 affirmed the promotion of former vice president Nancy Breitman
to acting president, following the ouster of Pierre Barnoti,
president since 1995. The CSPCA board also elected six new members
to fill eight vacancies.
Breitman told Max Harrold of the Montreal Gazette that under
Barnoti she was ostracized as “a radical, tree-hugging, activist
Breitman pledged to reduce the numbers of animals killed at
the two CSPCA shelters, in Montreal and Laval, by “as much as

The CSPCA in recent years has killed about 6,000 dogs and
cats per year, about 40% of the total for the Montreal municipal
region. The toll has dropped by about two-thirds during the past 20
Formerly providing animal control sheltering to the Montreal
Urban Community, the CSPCA lost the contract to a private firm
called Berger Blanc shortly before the beginning of Barnoti’s tenure.
Barnoti continues to head the U.S.-based charity SPCA
International, incorporated in Delaware in 2006.

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