Animal obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2008:
Windchill, 9 months, a mix of Appaloosa and Tennessee
Walking Horse, died on February 29, 2008, 20 days after he was
found suffering from starvation, dehydration, and hypothermia in
the barn of Pam Javenkoski, of South Range, Minnesota. He was
discovered by Theresa Farmer of South Range, who had boarded him
with Javenkoski since September 1997 as part of a deal by which
Javenkoski was to acquire another horse from Farmer. Rated only a 1%
chance of survival by the first veterinarian who examined him after
his rescue, Windchill was taken to Kathi Davis and Jeff Tucker of
Raindance Farms. Tucker told Duluth News Tribune reporter Will
Ashenmacher that a blog about Windchill’s effort to survive had drawn
2.9 million hits in two weeks, plus 40,000 more after his death.
Javenkoski, 47, and Shane Edward Javenkoski, 33, identified as
her ex-husband, on March 10 pleaded not guilty to failing to feed a
confined animal. Equine Allies, a Duluth group that collected
donations for Windchill, but split with Davis and Tucker over the
treatment protocol, told Aschenmacher that the money would be
returned to the donors.

Nakal, 16 months, one of three Sumatran tiger cubs born in
October 2006 at the Melbourne Zoo, was found drowned in the exhibit
moat on March 13, 2008. The cubs were the first offspring of
Ramalon, 13, and Binjai, 6, who arrived from the Rotterdam Zoo in

Norman, 40-plus, the African gray parrot mascot of the
Gabriel Foundation sanctuary in Denver, a sanctuary resident for 11
years, died on March 19, 2008 due to chronic infections. His
death was followed by the March 28 loss of Gypsy, 32, a
blue-and-gold macaw who had been sent to Texas A&M University for
treatment of aspergillosis.

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