A brief win for Alaskan wolves

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2008:
ANCHORAGE– Alaska Superior Court Judge William F. Morse on
March 14, 2008 obliged the state to suspend an aerial wolf-killing
program for 10 days, ruling for Friends of Animals, Defenders of
Wildlife, and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance that the Alaska Board of
Game bypassed required steps when it expanded the wolf-killing into
two areas beyond the original scope of the program.
“The Alaska aerial predator control program is in its fifth
year,” recalled Associated Press writer Anne Sutton. “Pilot/gunner
teams have killed more than 750 wolves. The goal is to reduce wolf
populations in each of the specified areas by as much as 80%. The
program has also included bears.”
Alaska voters in Nov-ember 2008 will have the chance to limit
aerial wolf control to so-called emergency hunts by state biologists.
Meanwhile, the Alaska Board of Game held an emergency meeting to
amend the rules governing predator control. Wolf-killing resumed on
March 25.
“Pilot/gunner teams have reported killing 81 wolves in five
control areas thus far this winter,” wrote Tim Mowry of the
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. “The program will be suspended when
conditions deteriorate to the point that pilots can no longer land
planes to collect the wolves.”

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