Rescuers try to stay alive in Lebanon

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2008:

BERUIT–Beruit for the Ethical Treatment of Animals cofounder
Marguerite Shaarawi and shelter manager Jason Meir hoped at the
Middle East Network for Animal Welfare conference in December 2007
that Lebanon and their efforts might soon return to normalcy.
Subsequent disappointments including a January 15, 2008 car
bomb attack on a U.S. Embassy vehicle that killed three bystanders
and wounded 21 .
“There has been a drastic increase in bombings over the last
month,” BETA e-mailed to supporters. “Lebanon is without a
president since November, and elections have been delayed more than
ten times. This greatly affects us. Currently we are caring for
more than 350 dogs and cats. Bombings and insecurity make our work
[Contact BETA c/o <>.]

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