Dog killings in Bolivia

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November/December 2007:
ACHACACHI, Bolivia–“Aymara peasants loyal to President Evo
Morales, calling themselves the Red Ponchoes, yesterday beheaded
two dogs as a gruesome signal to those ‘who don’t want change’ in the
country,” a representative of the Asociacion para la Defense de los
Derechos de los Animales de Bolivia e-mailed to humane media on
November 23, 2007. “Red Ponchos secretary general Ruperto Quispe
confirmed that other peasant groups from the La Paz area
participated,” the report added.
Video of the killings reportedly hinted that Morales
himself encouraged the action.
Identified by New York Times correspondent Simon Romero as a
former organizer for the coca growers’ union, Morales in June 2007
attended a llama sacrifice.

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