Why Best Friends bought Dogwood Kennels

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2007:
BYRNES CHAPEL, Virginia– The Best Friends Animal Society
surprised dog breeder Ivan Schmucker Jr. and quite a few other people
on October 12, 2007 by using an undercover intermediary to buy
Schmucker’s Dogwood Kennels inventory of 178 dogs, including newborn
Started without required county permits, Dogwood Kennels
became intensely controversial after a March 21, 2007 fire killed
167 dogs. Best Friends organized local opposition to Schmucker’s
attempts to get the necessary permits and rebuild the business with
about 100 dogs who survived the fire.

“Fairly often, we get requests from folks who want us to
help ‘rescue’ animals from puppy mills by buying the animals. Our
policy has always been to advise against it,” Best Friends chief
executive officer Paul Berry told ANIMAL PEOPLE. “This situation was
different. Schmucker tried to get back into the business in other
counties, but we followed him everywhere he tried to relocate, and
educated officials to ensure that he failed each time.” Eventually,
“he declared he was getting out of the business, and added he would
‘rather sell the dogs at auction than see them go to animal
rescuers.’ At that point, we decided to go the route we did. Given
that we helped put him out of business, and given all those dogs had
been through, it just seemed to us the ethical, responsible thing
to do in this particular case.”
Berry pledged that Best Friends will again intervene to stop
Schmucker if he makes further efforts to get permits to return to dog

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