Seeking killer of dolphin advocate

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2007:
The St. Lucia government has hired nine British detectives to
try to solve the August 2006 murder of dolphin advocate Patricia Lee,
60, London Daily Telegraph writers Paul Henderson and Richard Savill
reported on May 14, 2007.
Lee, from Devon, England, moved to St. Lucia in 1994 to
run a yacht charter business and restaurant with her boyfriend
Bernard Haddican, who died in 2003.
“Lee’s body was found after she failed to turn up at a
memorial service for the husband of a close friend,” Henderson and
Savill wrote. “Two weeks after Lee’s disappearance an anonymous
caller told police where to look for her. Within 24 hours her
remains were found in a shallow grave.”
“Lee was a volunteer for the St. Lucia Animal Protection
Society, an organisation that had a member murdered three years
ago,” Henderson and Savill noted. “Jane Tipson, found slumped over
the wheel of her car after being shot in the neck, had feared for
her life because she was protesting against the establishment of
‘swim with dolphins’ centers on the island. Her murder has never been
solved.” ANIMAL PEOPLE reported in detail on the Tipson case in
October 2003.
At least 74 people have been murdered on St. Lucia within the
past two years, many of them believed to be victims of contract

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