FoA acquires Whale Rescue Team, seeks to reclaim Primarily Primates animals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2007:
The Whale Rescue Team, founded in 1984 by Peter Wallerstein,
on July 1, 2007 became Marine Animal Rescue, a project of Friends
of Animals. Marine Animal Rescue will continue to rescue and
rehabilitate stranded marine mammals and birds from Marina del Rey,
the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, and the port of San Pedro.
FoA, based in Darien, Connecticut, acquired the Whale
Rescue Team 11 months after reaching an agreement to take over the
Primarily Primates sanctuary near San Antonio, Texas, but only two
months after taking possession of the sanctuary, which was directed
by a court-appointed receiver from mid-October 2006 through April

FoA on August 6, 2007 sued Chimp Haven, of Shreveport,
Louisiana, seeking return of seven chimps who were relocated from
Primarily Primates by the receiver. The seven were formerly part of
a research colony at Ohio State University, but were sent to
Primarily Primates in early 2006.
Chimps Inc., of Eugene, Oregon, the International Primate
Protection League, and New Mexico land owner Marguerite Gordon on
June 25, 2007 sued Pri-marily Primates, respectively seeking to
keep two chimps, 12 gibbons, and a longhorn steer whom the receiver
sent to them.

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