Animal control reform in Kyiv

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2007:
KYIV–Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetskyi on July 4, 2007
announced at a public hearing that was broadcast on live television
that he had fired city animal control director Myron Kuchynskyi for
cruelty to animals and multiple counts of veterinary and financial
“This announcement was wildly applauded by those
present–300-plus persons,” SOS Ukraine founder and television
journalist Tamara Tarnavska told ANIMAL PEOPLE.
“The number of telephone calls to the TV station and ratings
of the program were overwhelming,” Tarnavska continued.
Encouraged by the response, Chernovetskyi and vice mayor
Irena Kilchytska at a second public hearing held on July 11, also
broadcast live, endorsed a mass animal sterilization program,
adding a sterilization clinic to the municipal shelter in Borodianka,
and opening a shelter with 30 to 50 kennels in every district of the

“After 15 years of battling with the functionaries,”
Tarnavska said, “animal defenders were able to demand publication of
realistic data as to how many animals were being destroyed, and how
much money this is costing the city budget. Under pressure from
civic animal rights organizations, the city administration conducted
a serious audit” of the Kyiv animal control program, which confirmed
multiple alleged violations of Ukrainian law, including use of a
paralytic drug to kill impounded animals.
Kyiv animal advocates have proposed introducing a
neuter/return program for feral cats and street dogs, at least until
the entire city is served by shelters. “At this time the proposal is
under review,” Tarnawska said.

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