Melamine hit Africa too

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2007:
CAPE TOWN–At least 30 and possibly as many as 65 dogs died
after eating melamine-contaminated pet food in Cape Town, South
Africa, veterinary pathologist Fred Reyers told Helen Bamford of the
Cape Argus in April 2007.
Little noticed beyond Cape Town, the South African cases
followed much the same trajectory as the high-profile melamine pet
food contamination crisis in the U.S.
“Royal Canin, which makes its own brands as well as Vets
Choice, said in a statement that corn gluten contaminated with
melamine was delivered to South Africa by a third party supplier and
originated from China,” Bamford wrote.

The dog deaths occurred in two clusters. The first cluster
of 35 deaths, in February 2007, occurred before anyone was looking
at melamine as a possible cause.
“At the time,” wrote Bamford, “the pet-food maker Aquanutro,
whose products were marketed by Woolworths, said some of the food
had been contaminated by ethylene glycol, used in anti-freeze.
Reyers is unconvinced, because only traces of ethylene glycol were
found during lab tests.”
Royal Canin managing director Gregory Watine pledged on April
18, 2007 to compensate pet keepers who lost their animals.

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