ADL-LA fined $49,600 for demos

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2007:
LOS ANGELES–A Los Angeles Superior Court judgment on May 3,
2007 fined the Animal Defense League of Los Angeles $49,600, after
representatives pleaded “no contest” to seven criminal charges,
including trespassing and conspiracy, arising out of a series of
demonstrations held outside the homes of Los Angeles Animal Services
employees in 2004 and 2005.
“Seven other charges were dropped by city prosecutors,”
Associated Press reported.
The court placed all members of the Animal Defense League of
Los Angeles under three years of probation, including a prohibition
on “annoying, harassing, threatening, stalking or committing any
act of force or violence” against L.A. Animal Services staff.
“The group is barred from demonstrating within 100 feet of
the homes of previously targeted workers,” said Associated Press,
“and the league must remove their photos and personal information
from its web site.”

The two most prominent members of Animal Defense League of
Los Angeles in recent years have been actress Pamela Ferdin and Jerry
Vlasak, M.D.
Ferdin and volunteer Natalie Norcross were acquitted in 2005
of illegally demonstrating outside the home of former Los Angeles
mayor James Hahn. Ferdin and Vlasek reportedly sued the City of Los
Angeles for $3 million in damages for allegedly violating their civil
Ferdin has also headed the U.S. branch of Stop Huntingdon
Animal Cruelty, while Vlasak has represented the “North American
Animal Liberation Press Office.”
In 2004 Vlasak was barred from visiting England to address an
animal rights conference over remarks he made in 2003 that seemed to
endorse killing vivisectors. In April 2005 Vlasak was removed from
the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society board of directors after
allegedly posting personal information about a sealer and his wife on
the Sea Shepherd web site that according to the CBC brought their
family “a torrent of death threats.”
Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson deleted the material.

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