Cuban animal law

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2007:
HAVANA–The Scientific Veter-inary
Council of Cuba has drafted a law to guarantee
the right to life of all animals in the country,
board member María Gloria Vidal Rivalta recently
told Dora Pérez Sáez, of the Cuban newspaper
Juventud Rebelde.
“The draft is being presented to the
Ministry of Agriculture and is expected to go to
the National Assembly of People’s Power soon,”
reported Pérez Sáez.
“Legal protection for animals,
sterilization as a way of reducing the stray dog
population, and safety for wild birds are some
of the aspects to be addressed by Cuban
specialists at the 6th International Congress of
the Veterinary Sciences in Havana,” Vidal said.
Vidal also mentioned a need to address “children
who attack animals, dogfighters, people who
throw things at zoo animals, and others who keep
pets in inappropriate conditions.”

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