Surprising NAIA conference speakers

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2007:
PORTLAND, Oregon– Known in recent years for opposition to
international animal adoption programs, the National Animal Interest
Alliance has announced a 2007 conference speakers roster that may be
most notable for including speakers usually heard at mainstream
humane conferences.
Founded in 1993 by Port-land dog breeder Patti Strand,
author of a 1992 book called The Hijacking of the Humane Movement,
the National Animal Interest Alliance has in the past featured such
speakers as tuna fishing and fur trade representative Teresa Platt;
Joan Berosini, wife of former Las Vegas orangutan trainer Bobby
Berosini; Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council attorney Marshall
Meyer; and biomedical researcher Adrian Morrison. Each has been a
longtime board member.

The 2007 roster includes Alliance for Contraception of Dogs &
Cats president Joyce Briggs; University of California at Davis
professor of veterinary law Jerrold Tannenbaum; former American
Veterinary Medical Association president Bonnie Beaver; and Gary
Patronek, who headed the Tufts University Center for Animals &
Public Policy, 1997-2003. Patronek in January 2007 became director
of animal welfare and protection for the Animal Rescue League of
“I remember reading The Hijacking of the Humane Movement
years ago with amazement and distress,” Briggs told ANIMAL PEOPLE.
“It seemed to misrepresent most things I believed to be just and
true. And I have followed their campaign against dog transport
programs. I decided to accept the invitation to speak because I
seldom get invitations to speak about animal welfare issues and
approaches outside the ‘choir.’ Hopefully there is an opportunity to
be a change agent.”
The conference is to be held April 20-22, in Vancouver, Washington.

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