Socotra clinic

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2007:
U.S. Army captain Gwynne Kinley, Combined Joint Task
Force-Horn of Africa veterinarian and mission commander, in March
2007 directed a three-day seminar on animal health care for 30 women
from the villages of Qalanisah and Hadibo on Socotra, a Yemeni
island off Somalia in the Indian Ocean. Women are the main caretakers
for the estimated 150,000 goats and sheep on Socotra.
“It was important to have an all-female team,” U.S. Army
staff sergeant and civil affairs specialist Jennifer A. Brooks
explained to technical sergeant Carrie Bernard. specialist. “The
women in Yemen are usually completely covered, except for their
eyes, and do not socialize with men who are not family members.”
A local male veterinarian served as interpreter.
Bernard relayed the particulars and photo to ANIMAL PEOPLE
via Air Force News Agency Public Relations representative Gerry
Proctor, of San Antonio, Texas.

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