BOOKS: Turtles of the World

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2007:

Turtles of the World
by Franck Bonin,
Bernard Devaux,
& Alain Dupré
Translated by
Peter C. H. Pritchard
Johns Hopkins University Press (2715 North
Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218), 2006. 416
pages, with 300 color photos & 320 color maps.

“For many years Franck Bonin, Bernard
Devaux, and Alain Dupré have traveled the world
together to study turtles in their natural
habitats,” says the Johns Hopkins University
Press flak sheet of the authors of Turtles of the
World, an encyclopedic inventory of nearly 300
turtle species which was by reputation the most
comprehensive ever produced even before Peter C.
H. Pritchard translated the French text into
English, to reach a broader audience.

Likely to be read mostly in small
portions, as a library reference, Turtles of
the World makes arguments for kind treatment of
turtles, as well as for species conservation.
Few orders of animal have been more badly treated
by humans than turtles, though few are more
benign toward human interests.

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