Animal Planet pulls White Lions video

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2007:
The December 2006 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE mentioned that the
Animal Planet cable television channel had come under criticism from
canned hunt opponents for airing a documentary called White Lions:
King of Kings.
The documentary, said ANIMAL PEOPLE book reviewer and founder Chris Mercer, “presented Marius Prinsloo, a
notorious canned lion breeder in South Africa, as a paragon of
conservation working to preserve the white lion gene.”

Announced Global White Lion Trust chief executive Linda
Tucker, on March 12, 2007, “The misinformed White Lions
documentary has been withdrawn from the international circuit.”
Tucker thanked Mercer, CARE sanctuary founder Rita Miljo,
Paul Hart of the Drakenstein Lion Park, and Marianne Birrell of My
First Safari for their help in bringing the matter to the attention
of Animal Planet.
Animal Planet appears to have made no public statement about
withdrawing White Lions: King of Kings, but all mention of it
appears to have vanished from the Animal Planet web site.

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