Animal obits

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2007:


Sled dogs Jewel, 5, running for Yuka Honda, Melville, 5,
running for Brent Sass, and Hope, 6, running for Kelly Griffin,
died between February 11 and February 21 in the 1,000-mile Yukon
Quest, the first dogs to die in the race since 2002. Jewel
reportedly choked on her own vomit during a team runaway when Honda
stopped to untangle several dogs just past the Braeburn rest point,
and her snow anchors failed to hold the team. The causes of death of
the others were unclear. All three were older than most racing

Choromatsu, 29, a Japanese macaque who starred in a popular
1987 Sony Walkman commercial, died in early January 2007 at the
monkey theatre where he lived in Minami-Asomura, Kumato Prefecture,
Japan. He “retired” to the theatre in 1990, after years with the
Suo-Sarumawashi monkey acting group in Hikari, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Gasper, 17, a beluga whale acquired from a Mexican aquarium
in 2005 with his mate Nico, was euthanized on January 1, 2007 at
the Georgia Aquarium due to incurable painful chronic conditions.

Buffy, 7, a German shepherd who on January 10, 2007 fought
off an armed robber to protect Will Bartley, 44, in East Oakland,
California, was euthanized on February 15 due to complications of a
gunshot wound she suffered during the struggle.

Tricks, a boxer mix, shot by San Antonio police during a
Valentine’s Day evening drug raid that nabbed seven suspects, died
after being picked up by San Antonio Animal Care Services more than
24 hours later. Figuring out what happened was the latest of many
challenges for Animal Care Services director Craig Brestrup, who
took over the department in May 2006, and has been revamping it ever
since. As of 2005, San Antonio had the highest rate of shelter
killing of any major U.S. city, but Brestrup has introduced a
five-year plan to achieve no-kill animal control by 2012.

Barbaro, 4, winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, was
euthanized due to incurable pain on January 29, 2007 in Kennett
Square, Pennsylvania, after nearly two dozen surgeries to try to
repair a shattered right hind leg suffered within yards after the
starting gun at the Preakness States on May 20, 2006. More than
$1.2 million was donated to the Barbaro Fund, formed to try to help
the horse recover, and to help other injured racehorses.

Mardos, a baby elephant who was rescued from a well in July
2005, but was severely injured in a fall a year later while being
transported for a school show, was euthanized on December 26, 2006
at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Lanchang Pahang, Malaysia.

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