A medic’s combat trauma training

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2007:
KARMA, Iraq–Petty Officer Third Class Dustin E. Kirby
described his training as a combat trauma media to C.J. Chivers of
The New York Times in an article published on November 2, 2006.
“In one course,” Chivers wrote, “the instructors gave each
corpsman an anesthetized pig.
“The idea is to work with live tissue,” Kirby explained.

“You get a pig and you keep it alive. And every time I did something
to help him, they would wound him again. So you see what shock does,
and what happens when more wounds are received by a wounded creature.
My pig? They shot him twice in the face with a 9-millimeter pistol,
and then six times with an AK-47, and then twice with a 12-gauge
shotgun. And then he was set on fire. I kept him alive for 15
hours. That was my pig.
“That was my pig,” Kirby repeated.
Shot on Christmas Day, Kirby lost seven teeth, part of his
tongue, and the right side of his lower jaw. His prognosis is good,
Chivers reported on February 25, 2007.

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