Primate Freedom Project wins museum building verdict

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2007:
MADISON, Wisc.–Dane County Judge Sarah O’Bean ruled on
November 28, 2006 that the Primate Freedom Project holds a legal
contract to buy a building located between the National Primate
Research Center and the Harry Harlow Primate Psychology Laboratory.
Both labs are operated by the University of Wisconsin.
O’Bean ordered owner Roger Charly to complete the sale to
retired California physician Richard McLellan, for the specified
price of $675,000. Charly is expected to appeal.
Primate Freedom Project founder Rick Bogle moved to Madison
in 2004 to renovate the building into a planned National Primate
Research Center Exhibition Hall, expected to become a rallying point
for opposition to primate experiments.

After the project was announced, but before money actually
changed hands, the University of Wisconsin reportedly offered Charly
more than $1 million for the building.
The Harlow building, on one side of the site, is where
Harlow from 1930 to 1970 drove generations of baby macaques mad,
plunging them into stainless steel “pits of despair,” subjecting
them to deliberately cruel robotic “mothers,” and allowing mothers
driven insane by his experiments to abuse and kill them. When Harlow
semi-retired to a part-time post at the University of Arizona, other
faculty dismantled his equipment, but the building continued to
house primate studies.
Harlow died in 1981, at age 76, a reputed drunk whose chief
contribution to mainstream laboratory primatology was inventing the
“rape rack,” a device for artificially inseminating primates.

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