Justice for Animals ires South African National SPCA over Zulu bullfight

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2007:
KLOOF, KwaZulu-Natal–Justice for Animals founder Steve
Smiths sought to support the National SPCA of South Africa in a
December 4, 2006 e-mail to news media, protesting against the
annual mob killing of a bull at the First Fruits Festival, a
traditional Zulu celebration.
National SPCA executive director Marcelle Meredith’s December
5 response took Smits and much of his lengthy cc. list much by

Wrote Smiths, “We are outraged that the National SPCA,
which has been mandated by an act of parliament to uphold the animal
protection laws of the land, is powerless to act against this
atrocity simply because the authorities refuse to respond to their
pleas for support and assistance. We therefore call upon both the
provincial and national government to order the South African Police
Services and the National Defense Force to provide the necessary
support to enable the NSPCA to intervene and save this bull from the
torture to which he will be subjected. The Zulu monarchy and the
Zulu people do not exist in a political, social or legal vacuum and
they are not entitled to special treatment just because they claim
cultural and traditional immunity.”
Meredith objected first of all that Smits’ e-mail “appears to
be based on our media statement which, by nature of press releases,
contains condensed information,” as if anyone outside the NSPCA
could describe the NSPCA response based on anything other than the
public record.
Meredith then stated that, “The NSPCA is offended that you
had the temerity in this communication to dictate to us how you feel
we should be doing our job. If you believe that a Court interdict
was or is the route to take, we ask you the same question: why
have you or the organization you represent not done this?”
Wrote back Smits, “Justice for Animals has approached our
legal counsel for guidance on the practicality of applying for an
interdict to prevent the killing of this bull.”

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