Hauler is banned for life in alleged racing greyhound adoption scam

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2007:


The Arizona Department of Racing on December 19, 2006 issued a
lifetime ban from involvement in the Arizona greyhound industry
against Richard Favreau of Calhan, Colorado, for failing to
account for more than 140 greyhounds he took from the Tucson
Grey-hound Park between Nov-ember 2005 and July 2006.
Owners of retired racing dogs paid Favreau $150 apiece to
find adoptive homes for them. Greyhound Protection League president
Susan Netboy believes at least 177 dogs are missing. Only six of
Favreau’s purported adoptions have been verified.
“The animals may have been killed for profit,” wrote Arizona
Department of Racing director Geoffrey Gonsher.

The Department of Racing also ordered Favreau to donate
$140,000 to a legitimate greyhound adoption agency and do 700 hours
of community service with a pro-animal organization. “Collecting
will be difficult,” noted Josh Brodesky of the Arizona Daily Star,
as “the department has limited powers, particularly since Favreau is
in Colorado. Favreau has yet to pay a $1,000 fine levied several
months ago by the Phoenix Greyhound Park Board of Stewards.”
However, opined Anslee Willett of the Colo-rado Springs
Gazette, “The decision to revoke Favreau’s license in Arizona is
likely to be recognized by other states, meaning his Colorado license
also will be revoked. The Arizona lic-ense allowed him to transport
greyhounds as a licensed trainer, access the tracks, and train

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