Individual Compensation

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2006:
Individual Compensation
(Chief executives &/or top-paid staff & consultants)

The chief executive salaries at the 400 largest U.S.
nonprofit organizations rose 4.8% in fiscal 2005, according the 14th
annual salary survey done by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. By
comparison, Forbes magazine found, chief executive salaries at the
400 largest U.S. for-profit companies rose 2.9%.
The Pay column below is information taken from the IRS Form
990 filings of those organizations listed in “Who gets the money?”
that have filed Form 990. Since balance sheets rarely include
equivalent data, and nations other than the U.S. do not require
public disclosure of individual compensation, no compensation data
is presented for other organizations. Pay combines salaries,
benefit plan contributions (if any), and expense accounts for the
few people who are not required to itemize expenses. Some
independent contractors such as attorneys, accountants, and
consultants are listed as well as directors and regular staff.

Included below are chief executives (in capital letters),
top paid staff if other than chief executives, and other top-paid
staff of note, for example often quoted in news coverage, as well
as close relatives of top-paid staff who may also be in leadership
Chief executives who claim no compensation are listed as
OthrIncm, short for “has other income.” Where possible, the
occupations of those who have other work are identified. Some may be
retired, supported by a spouse, or have investment income. Some
may receive royalties and/or speaking fees.
Unfortunately it is not possible to identify accurately from
IRS Form 990 who receives perquisites from a charity such as free
housing or use of a vehicle.
Neither is it possible to accurately identify all of the
individuals who donate office space, or otherwise rebate material
value to their organizations in a manner amounting to returning
The IRS does not require disclosure of non-board compensation
under $50,000.
The listed salary norms are taken from The Chronicle of
Philanthropy edition of October 12, 2006.
Individual Position Group Pay Note

STEVEN SANDERSON Pres WldlfCons $750,004 A
Joseph Keenan LatinAm NatureCons $480,188 B
FREDERICK KRUPP Pres EnvDefense $408,170 C
LARRY HAWK President MSPCA $402,634 D
STEVEN McCORMICK CEO NatureCons $395,333
PETER SELIGMANN CEO ConservIntl $391,398 E
JOHN STEVENSON Pres NorthShore $389,565
Daryl Vamado HumanRsrc NatureCons $385,994
RUSSELL MITTERMEIR Pr ConservIntl $376,974
KATHRYN FULLER President WWF $371,653 F
Lawrence Amon FormerPres NWF $365,061 G
David Cleary Amazon NatureCons $362,240 B
ED SAYRES President ASPCA $347,675 H
JOHN FLICKER Pres NatlAudubonSoc $343,155 I

Chief Exec, $50 million+ org $345,100

Eileen M. Johnson Secretary NWF $314,935 G
LAWRENCE SELZER Pres ConservFund $307,975 J
KEN WHITE President PeninsulaHS $303,127 K
ROGER SCHLICKSTEIN Pres Defenders $299,413 L
RICHARD AVANZINO Pres Maddie’s $293,573
Louise MacKisack CEO/Angell MSPCA $272,833
Larry Schweiger President NWF $265,715
Wayne Schmidt FormerVP NWF $264,007
Deborah Sorondo ChfOp SierraClub $250,420
JOHN BERRY ExecDir NatlFish&Wldlf $245,541
CARL POPE ExecDir SierraClub $241,224
Vawter Parker ExecDr EarthJustice $234,869 N
Carter Luke VicePresident MSPCA $234,044 D
DANIEL CRAIN President SF/SPCA $230,735
Martha Armstrong SrVPCmpAn HSUS $224,375 O
WAYNE PACELLE President HSUS $223,328
Frederick G. Thomson CEO Goodall $221,954
Jamie Rappaport Clark Defenders $218,676
Andrew Rowan ExecVPofOps HSUS $213,770

Chief Exec, $25-49.9 million org $211,135

John Bowen VicePresident MSPCA $206,656
Patricia Forkan EtrnAffrs HSUS $206,199
Louis Barnes ChfFinExc SierraClub $205,959
MARY PEARL Pres WildlifeTrust $205,640
PATRICK BERGIN PresCEO AfrcaWldlf $202,989 P
ROBERT ROHDE Pres DumbFriends $202,197
Christine Anderson RadOncol MSPCA $201,578
WILLIAM BURNHAM Pres Peregrine $200,922 Q
Michael Bernstein DirMed MSPCA $199,803
Thomas Waite III CFO HSUS $195,307
Jaime B. Matyas ExecVP/CEO NWF $195,229
Howard Levy VicePresident MSPCA $192,754
Michael Pavletic DirSurgry MSPCA $192,695
Anne Marie Manning ChMedOfr MSPCA $191,932
Azzedine Downes ExecVP IFAW $189,072
Kelly Beck DirRadiology MSPCA $188,580
MICHAEL ARMS President Woodward $187,329
Roger Kindler GeneralCnsl HSUS $186,490
Peter Bower CFO NatlFish&Wldlf $181,096
Dana Ramischi VicePresident MSPCA $180,513
Kathleen Collins VicePres MSPCA $177,063
Paul Irwin FormerPresident HSUS $176,440
PEGGY CUNNIFF ExecDirector NAVS $174,450 R
BILL GARRETT Pres AtlantaHumane $174,162 S
Stephen Musso VPoprtns ASPCA $171,536
Steven Hansen, DVM ASPCA $171,374
MARIE WHEATLEY Pres AmerHumane $171,311
Steve Zawistowski VP ASPCA $170,976
Brian Murphy DirClientServ IFAW $170,593
Michael Cote CIO IFAW $170,596
Perry Fina VPmarketing NorthShore $169,366
Barbara Fried DirDrctMrktng IFAW $168,800
Barry Giaquinto VPcfo NorthShore $167,301
Tom Offenbecher VP PeninsulaHS $165,741
John Grandy SrVPwildlife HSUS $163,930
Lori Morton-Feazell PeninsulaHS $162,664
Mike Markarian VPextrnlaff HSUS $161,668
Melanie Powers CFO IFAW $157,993
J. Peter Jenny VP Peregrine $153,152

Chief Exec, $10-24.9 million org $153,096

John Aldridge LeadOpVet SF/SPCA $152,191
Ralph Dennard HearingDogs SF/SPCA $152,098
David Brunner COO NatlFish&Wldlf $151,138
BRENDA BARNETTE ExcDir LaRussa’s $150,000 T
Nancy Noble DirectMarkting IFAW $144,667
Barbara Gerber SrVP ASPCA $144,674
Kenneth Cunniff PrgCslt/Atty NAVS $144,000 R
Stephen Eudene SrVP/CFO ASPCA $143,874
Robert Lane VP WildlifeTrust $143,372
RICHARD JOHNSTON Pres CtHumane $141,239
Alesia Soltanpanah VP NorthShore $138,834
VICTORIA WELLENS ExDir WiscHumane $137,175
Mary Bege AsstTreasurer HSUS $135,919
Jo Sullivan SrVPdvlp&com ASPCA $128,728
MERLIN TUTTLE ExecDir BatConserv $128,426
Ellen Hirshberg, DVM ASPCA $127,974
Irvin Alexander III CFO Goodall $127,944
Julie Crudele VPdvlpmt Goodall $126,082
Lee Murray VP/HumanRes ASPCA $123,376
Peter Daszak ExcDir WildlifeTrust $123,000
Cindy Skidmore, DVM DallasSPCA $122,722
Lynn Spivak DirComm Maddie’s $122,639

Chief Exec, $5-9.9 million org $120,531

Jean Donaldson AcadDir SF/SPCA $120,038
Paul Greene SrDirFin NorthShore $117,450
Roger Platt Vet#2 SF/SPCA $116,676
GEORGE FENWICK Pres AmerBrdCons $115,427 U
Sue Nuding VpHumanRes NorthShore $113,575
Joanne Gullifer WildlifeTrust $113,201
Lisa Jones SrVP DallasSPCA $112,146
B.J. Griffin ExecDir MarineMamCtr $111,087
Thomas Doyle Controller MPSPCA $110,284
Lloyd Kiff ScienceDir Peregrine $109,230
Theresa Reese AsstTreas HSUS $107,162
George Strunden VPprgms Goodall $105,775
Cynthia Hockman, DVM Holiday $104,451
Karen Halligan VetServ LA/SPCA $103,852
Richard T. Watson Intl Peregrine $103,560
CLARE RICHARDSON Pres DianFossey $103,300
John Nagy VPfinance DumbFriends $103,158
ADELE DOUGLASS President HFAC $103,000 V
SEAN HAWKINS ExecDir SNAP $102,739 W
James Powell VP WildlifeTrust $102,265
George Nixon Vet#2 SF/SPCA $101,807
HOLLY HAZARD ExecDir DDAL $100,771
Gil Costas, DVM ChfStf SNAP $100,356 W
Judy Calhoun VPdev DumbFriends $100,339
PRISCILLA FERAL President FoA $ 99,865 X
Patricia Burnham Admin Peregrine $ 99,198 Q
Scott Anderson SeniorVP FSAP $ 99,118

Chief Exec, $2.5-$4.9 million org $ 98,659

Winifred Zubin VP WildlifeTrust $ 98,400
Mary Ippoliti-Smith Prgm Maddie’s $ 97,184
Janet Frake Secretary HSUS $ 95,634
Keith Brown Roots&Shoots Goodall $ 95,632
Russ Watkins SrVP DallasSPCA $ 95,553
Rhonda Albright, DVM SNAP $ 94,998
William Heinrich Mgr Peregrine $ 93,858
Mariclare Haggerty DirCom NAVS $ 93,228
Elena Bicker Mrktg LaRussa’s $ 92,670
Dave Garcia VPops DallasSPCA $ 92,375 Y
Paul Kelley Controller FoA $ 90,663
Julie Richard Mrktg BestFriends $ 89,515
AUSTIN GATES ExecDir NOAHCtr $ 89,267
THEO CAPALDO Pres/ExecDir NEAVS $ 87,668
Calvin Sandfort PropSpc Peregrine $ 86,192
Daniel Kinburn SeniorCounsel PCRM $ 85,886
Karen Rosa Film&TV AmerHumane $ 85,328
MICHELLE THEW ExecDir API $ 85,000
Jeff Kerr GeneralCounsel FSAP $ 84,961
Dianne Forthman DirAdmin FoA $ 84,876
Rick Collord DirOps AtlantaHumane $ 84,558 S
Peggy Hilden VP PCRMfndtn $ 84,147
Jane Pohlman Vetmgr WiscHumane $ 83,869
Sara Spaulding MrktCom AmerHumane $ 83,216
Mindy Kirsban VP PCRM $ 82,817
Carla Easterbrook SrVP DallasSPCA $ 82,803
JAMES BIAS ExDir DallasSPCA $ 81,473
JIM WEEDON, DVM DirOps SNAP $ 81,266
Sherry Ward AssocDirector PCRM $ 81.141
Randall Zeman Vetmgr WiscHumane $ 79,291
Nancy McKenney CEO HS/Seattle $ 79,113 T
Robyn Palmer, DVM SNAP $ 79,087

Chief Exec, $1-2.49 million org $ 78,939

Rita Truderung DirOps Woodward $ 78,766
Linda Rhine, DVM DallasSPCA $ 78,289
Edward Miles DirRsrch AmerHumane $ 78,180
ELLIOT KATZ President IDA $ 76,881
TINA NELSON President AAVS $ 75,436 AA
Paul Berry ChieffOps BestFriends $ 75,133
Margaret Devoe Data FSAP $ 75,023
Dan Matthews VPcampaigns PETA $ 74,949
Jennifer Duncan DVM NOAHCtr $ 74,722
CATHY LISS Director AWI $ 74,288
Robert Orabona DirOps FoA $ 74,131 X
Chad Sandusky Director PCRM $ 73,569
Patricia Gatons AsstSecty HSUS $ 73,187
Ellen Clark OpsMgr WiscHumane $ 72,307
Kenneth Hall Director PCRM $ 72,281
Gloria Dorsey, DVM AtlantaHumane $ 71,718
Ernest Eckhoff Dir BestFriends $ 71.038
Gregory Castle Dir BestFriends $ 70,642
MaryBeth Sweetland VP PETA $ 70,345
Lee Hall LegalDirector FoA $ 69,444
Suzanne Barnard PubPol AmerHumane $ 69,408
Francis Batista Dir BestFriends $ 69,135
Michael McGraw MediaRltns PETA $ 67,829
DAVID PHILLIPS ExcDir EarthIsland $ 67,351
James D. Taylor PrgServDir NHES $ 67,292 BB
ANNETTE LAICO ExDr PrgAnmlWelfSoc $ 66,690
Christopher Fripp Dir BestFriends $ 66,592 CC
Celeste Fripp Secty BestFriends $ 66,585 CC
Jonathan DePeyer Exdr BestFriends $ 66,585
MICHAEL MOUNTAIN Pres BestFriends $ 66,584
Dieter Steklis ChfSci DianFossey $ 66,455
Faith Maloney Dir BestFriends $ 65,793
Kate Downey Production FSAP $ 65,781
Amy Lanou Director PCRM $ 65,287
Holly Bridges Director hfac $ 65,000 V
Steve Hirano MngEdtr BestFriends $ 64,812
Lisa Merkel-Holquin AmerHumane $ 64,681
Jessica Sandler FedLiaison PETA $ 64,413
Lori Kettler Counsel PETA $ 63,884
Patrick Mehlman VP DianFossey $ 63,414
Matt Penzer LegalCounsel PETA $ 63,048

Chief Exec. $500,000-$999,000 org $ 62,299

Becky Robinson SectyTrs AlleyCat $ 61,645
Donna Wilcox President AlleyCat $ 61,645
Janette Patterson SpcGfts FSAP $ 61,572
Shirley Avnet AWI $ 61,560 DD
Nicole Paquette LegalDir AWI $ 61,350
Sandra Lewis NYdirector FoA $ 60,763
Karen Ruane MgrFinance NAVS $ 59,940
Laurie Peek Secretary Maddie’s $ 59,927
Jeanette Young DirDev PetSavers $ 59,135
NEAL BARNARD President PCRM $ 58,754
ESTHER MECHLER SpayUSA PetSavers $ 57,287
Rebecca Sarsfield CFO UAN $ 57,171
JOHN KNOX ExecDir EarthIsland $ 56,702
Mike Mahrer MarketingDir NHES $ 56,693
LOUISE COLEMAN ExDir GreyhndFrnds $ 56,074
Eric Kleiman ResearchDir IDA $ 55,345
Diane Halverson AWI $ 55,171 EE
Marlene Halverson AWI $ 55,171 EE
Cindy Williamson Cntrllr NHES $ 54,629
MARTINE COLLETTE CEO Waystation $ 54,462
Jill Cooney AsscDirector IDA $ 54,167
Terri Block Director TigerCreek $ 54,000 FF
Sharie Lesniak Creative AWI $ 52,619
Bonnie Miller Secretary HFA $ 52,395 GG
Leslie Allen SctyDev Greenpeace $ 51,487

Chief Exec, $250,000-$499,999 org $ 49,355

Brian Werner Director TigerCreek $ 48,900 FF
Merritt Clifton Edtr ANIMALPEOPLE $ 48,000 HH
CAROL ASVESTAS Pres WldAnmlOrph $ 47,765
ANNA BRIGGS Founder NHES $ 47,426 BB
Gene Bauston Pres FarmSanctuary $ 46,824 II
Gil Lamont Webmaster AWI $ 46,604
John Passacantando Xdr Greenpeace $ 45,289
Camilla Fox WildlifeDir AWI $ 45,215
Hector Menjivar TechMgr Holiday $ 44,592
JACK NORRIS Pres VeganOutreach $ 43,698
Lorri Bauston VP FarmSanctuary $ 38,730 II
BRAD MILLER President HFA $ 37,542 GG
Cynthia L. Taylor AnmlCare NHES $ 37,446
Ellen McPeake TrsCEO Greenpeace $ 37,227
Holly McNulty SecTr FarmSanctuary $ 36,726

Chief Exec, $250,000 or less org $ 36,547

Bonny Reinmuth ExcAsst AmerHumane $ 36,271
PAT DERBY Pres PrfrmAnmlWelfSoc $ 36,079 JJ
Ed Stewart Scty PrfrmAnmlWelfSoc $ 36,079 JJ
INGRID NEWKIRK President peta $ 35,298
Matthew Ball Secty VeganOutreach $ 34,770
KAY McELROY President Cedarhill $ 25,420
Sue Leary President AAVS $ 25,313
DEBRA WASSERMAN CoDir VegResGrp $ 25,000 KK
CHARLES STAHLER CoDir VegResGrp $ 25,000 KK
MiYUN PARK President COK $ 18,488 LL
Paul Shapiro VP COK $ 18,483 LL
KYENAN KUM President IAKA $ 18,000
Scott Smith VP Turpentine $ 14,575 MM
TANYA SMITH Pres Turpentine $ 14,426 MM
Hilda Jackson Curator Turpentine $ 11,660 MM
KAREN DAVIS President UPC $ 9,720
DANIEL BRISTER PrgDr BuffaloField $ 8,700
JEANNE ANGER President Holiday OthrIncm
LEO GRILLO President DELTARescue OthrIncm NN
STEVE HINDI President SHARK OthrIncm
ELLEN WHITEHOUSE Prs NoahsLostArk OthrIncm
Opposition compensation

DON A. YOUNG ExecVP DucksUnlmtd $410,217 OO
James L. Ware Drctr DucksUnlmtd $268,342
W. Alan Wente GrpMgr DucksUnlmtd $263,305
JO LUCK President/CEO HeiferIntl $206,035 PP
Donna Marie Artuso FBR $137,500
Richard K. Story Secretary USSA $122,200 QQ
TOM RILEY ExecDir SafariClub $ 82,500
Valerie Cole Secretary AMPEF $ 77,679
Kenneth James CFO SafariClub $ 67,965
Anthony DeNicola Prs WhiteBuffalo $ 65,667
Deborah Cuddy Secty WhiteBuffalo $ 58,667
A – The Wildlife Con-servation Society paid 415 salaries in
excess of $50,000, including 13 in excess of $150,000.
B – The Nature Conser-vancy filing of IRS Form 990 explains
that “The amounts for Joseph Keenan and David M. Cleary include
expatriation allow-ances as well as other reimbursements and imputed
income related to their assignments for the years 2002, 2003, and
2004.” TNC paid 1,073 salaries in excess of $50,000, including nine
in excess of $200,000.
C – Environmental Defense paid 132 other salaries in excess
of $50,000, including at least 12 in excess of $100,000.
D – Larry Hawk resigned from the Massachusetts SPCA in March
2006. He was succeeded as chief executive by Carter Luke. The MSPCA
paid 108 salaries in excess of $50,000 in 2005, including at least
12 in excess of $150,000.
E – Conservational Intl. paid 214 other salaries in excess of
$50,000, including at least 14 in excess of $150,000.
F – The World Wildlife Fund paid 207 salaries in excess of
$50,000, including six in excess of $200,000.
G – The National Wildlife Federation paid 181 salaries in
excess of $50,000, including at least nine in excess of $100,000.
H – The ASPCA paid at 95 salaries in excess of $50,000,
including at least seven in excess of $125,000.
I – The National Audu-bon Society paid 214 salaries in excess
of $50,000, including at least 13 in excess of $136,000.
J – The Conservation Fund paid 39 salaries in excess of
$50,000, including at least 16 in excess of $100,000.
K – The Peninsula Humane Society paid nine salaries in excess
of $100,000.
L – Defenders of Wildlife paid 42 other salaries in excess of
$50,000, including at least five in excess of $100,000. Eileen M.
Johnson recieved “transitional conpensation.”
M – IFAW did not complete the line of Form 990 that asks how
many staff were paid more than $50,000.
N – EarthJustice paid at least 11 other salaries in excess of $100,000.
O – Martha Armstrong is no longer with HSUS.
P – The African Wildlife Foundation paid at least four other
salaries in excess of $100,000, plus five others in excess of
Q – William & Patricia Burnham are husband and wife.
R – Peggy Cunniff and Kenneth Cunniff are wife and husband.
Kenneth Cunniff is paid in the name of his law firm, which is also
the listed address of the Internat-ional Institute for Animal Law,
to which NAVS granted $95,000 during the reported fiscal year. Mrs.
Cunniff is daughter of previous NAVS head George Trapp.
S – Bill Garrett retired from the Atlanta Humane Society in
2005, succeeded by Rick Collord, but returned in 2006 after Collord
T – Brenda Barnette, executive director of Tony La-Russa’s
Animal Rescue Found-ation since mid-2003, resigned in January 2006.
Barnette in June 2006 became chief executive of the Humane Society of
Seattle/King County. She succeeded 22-year CEO Nancy McKenney, who
resigned in November 2005.
U- The American Bird Conservancy paid nine other salaries in
excess of $50,000, including $57,564 to vice president Rita Fenwick,
wife of president George Fenwick.
V – Humane Farm Animal Care cofounders Adele Douglass and
Holly Bridges are mother & daughter.
W- SNAP founder Sean Hawkins and chief of staff Gil Costas
departed in mid-2005 to form a new organization, Saving Animals
Across Borders. Jim Weedon now heads SNAP.
X – Priscilla Feral and Robert Orabona are wife & husband.
Y – Dave Garcia retired in August 2005.
Z – Jennifer Fearing is now employeed by the Humane Society
of the U.S. United Animal Nations is now hed by Nicole Forsyth.
AA – Tina Nelson died on October 19, 2005. The American
Anti-Vivisection Society executive director is now Tracie Letterman.
BB – James and Cynthia Taylor are members of the family of
Anna Briggs, who founded NHES in 1948. Briggs’ daughter Virginia
Dungan heads the Peace Plant-ation, a recipient of $401,430 in NHES
grant funding.
CC – Christopher & Celeste Fripp are husband & wife.
DD – Shirley Avnet is no longer with AWI.
EE – Diane & Marlene Halverson are sisters.
FF – Terri Block has been identified in press accounts as
fiance of Tiger Creek aka Tiger Missing Link Foundation president
Brian Werner.
GG – Bonnie & Brad Miller are husband & wife.
HH – Kim Bartlett & Merritt Clifton were formerly wife & husband.
II – Lorri & Gene Bauston were formerly wife & husband.
Lorri Bauston left Farm Sanctuary in July 2004 and resigned from the
board in March 2005. In September 2005 she opened the Animal Acres
sanctuary in Acton, California.
JJ – Pat Derby and Ed Stewart are partners. The Per-forming
Animal Welfare Society provides their housing and vehicles.
KK – Charles Stahler & Deborah Wasserman are husband and wife.
LL — COK director Miyun Park and cofounder Paul Shapiro
left in February 2005 to become director of farm animal welfare and
manager of the newly formed factory farming campaign at HSUS. COK is
now headed by Erica Meier.
MM – The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge lists seven paid
staff, many of whom are close relatives of cofounders Tanya Smith
and Hilda Jackson. The total payroll was $102,206. The refuge
claims depreciation on seven vehicles and four residences. Smith in
1998 settled charges filed as felonious theft of public benefits by
pleading guilty to illegal use of food stamps, in a case resulting
from her failure to declare income received from leasing land and
vehicles to the sanctuary.
NN – “Grillo receives no salary directly from DELTA Res-cue,”
reported Ben Gose of The Chronicle of Philanthropy in August 2005,
“but his [film] production company, which grosses between $100,000
and $200,000 per year, gets some of its work from two film
production companies–one a nonprofit, the other a
for-profit–connected to DELTA Rescue…Grillo says it makes good
financial sense for the shelter to have a stake in feature films”
with animal rescue themes, because of the potential reward from
producing a hit, “and that the money used for filmmaking comes from
donors who have designated their funds for that purpose.”
Opposition notes
OO – Ducks Unlimited paid 300 other salaries in excess of
$50,000, many above $100,000.
PP – Heifer International paid 54 other salaries in excess of
$50,000, including at least 11 in excess of $100,000.
QQ – Includes compensation from both the U.S. Sportsmen’s
Alliance and the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation.

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