Philippine crack-down on dog meat

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2006:
Baguio City, Philippines–Embarrassed by reports that
Benguet province might attempt to repeal or circumvent enforcing the
1998 Philippine national ban on selling dog meat, officials of the
National Meat Inspection Service, Baguio police, and
representatives of the Animal Kingdom Foundation in early October
seized 104 kilos of dog meat from the public market stalls of vendors
Lita Dizon and Victorino
Montano, “who are reportedly known as dog meat vendors,” wrote Jane
Cadalig of the Baguio City Sun Star.

“To appease the diplomatic community,” Cadalig added, “the
Provincial government decided to hold a production making dogs the
main performers on November 30,” at a celebration of the 106th
anniversary of the creation of Benguet, a landlocked province in the
Coridillera mountains. “Provincial Administrator Modesto Andong said
the idea is to clear the misconception that circulated against the
province when it earlier passed a resolution advising law enforcement
agencies to coordinate with proper government agencies such as the
Bureau of Animal Industry before conducting raids on restaurants
serving dog meat,” Cadalig reported.
Philippine Animal Welfare Society president Nita Lichuaco in
December 2005 asked Baguio City veterinarian Bridget Pick to enforce
the ban on selling dog meat against several restaurants which
allegedly sold it openly. Pick told Lichuaco that a proposal to
legalize dog meat was already far advanced. Philippine President
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo fueled speculation that dog-eating might be
legalized by asking questions about dog meat during a December 27,
2005 state dinner.

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