Streaking Pamplona

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2006:

PAMPLONA, Spain– “More than 1,000” nude or semi-nude
protesters, according to PETA, “several hundred” according to
Associated Press, on July 5, 2006 streaked the 825-meter route of
the “Running of the Bulls” that has preceded the nine-day Festival of
San Fermin bullfighting orgy for more than 500 years.
The PETA-sponsored “Running of the Nudes” debuted in 2003,
held each year one day before the official San Fermin events begin.
The 2005 edition attracted 700 participants, Associated Press said.
The Pamplona bull run and similar events in which often
inebriated runners try to stay ahead of panicked bovines appear to be
more popular than ever, worldwide, but bullfighting itself is in
general decline, especially in Spain.

Barcelona, once among the global hubs of bullfighting,
declared itself to be opposed to bullfights in 2004. Twenty-two
other Catalan cities have passed similar resolutions against
bullfighting during the past two years. The resolutions cannot be
enforced without state enabling legislation, but opinion polls show
that 71% of Catalonians favor a state bullfighting ban which received
preliminary legislative approval in June 2006.
Bullfighting returned to Lisbon, Portugal, in May 2006,
after a six-year absence, attracting a crowd of about 7,000 to the
newly re-opened Campo Pequeno ring–plus an estimated 1,000
protesters. Built in 1892, the ring seats 9,000.
The bullfighting industry claims that the 291 bullfights held
in Portugal in 2005 drew an average crowd of 3,000.

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