Outside help

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2006:

Outside animal advocates who found their way to Lebanon
during July and August 2006 to aid stranded animals included
Hurricane Katrina rescue veteran Linda Nealon of New York City, who
helped Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to arrange the
Best Friends animal evacuation (see page 1), and PETA
representatives Michelle Rokke and Jason Baker.
The PETA team “handed out leaflets explaining how to help
animals caught under the bombing strikes,” wrote Agence France
Presse correspondent Jailan Zayan. “The flyers, which have been
handed out to citizens, military, police, and non-government
organizations, urge people who see animals in distress to set them
free if they are tied up, give them water, and if possible take
them in. As a last resort, the guidelines say, the animals should
be shot at point-blank range.

“PETA got as far south as Tyre,” Zayan reported, “but could
not go far beyond, as access by road was blocked by the Lebanese
“There are places we couldn’t reach, but Lebanese soldiers would
take dog food from us and go feed the dogs themselves,” Rokke told
The PETA team also accompanied BETA members who on July 28
and August 2 fed strays in the Beirut southern suburbs and rescued
animals from abandoned pet shops.

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