Letters [Sep 2006]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2006:

Taiwan law

Even for the most serious cruelty, an animal abuser in
Taiwan can only be fined up to about $1,500 U.S. maximum.
We are asking for cruelty toward animals to be considered a
criminal offense, punishable by up to one year in prison, and a
fine up to $9,000 U.S.; for animal protection inspectors to have the
right to rescue animals from property where they are neglected or
abused; for more effective regulation of pet breeders and shops;
and for farm animal transporters and slaughterers to be licensed.
We hope that draft legislation will be published in October
and passed in early 2007.
Perhaps statements of support from other pro-animal
organizations would be helpful.

–Wu Hung
Environment & Animals
Society of Taiwan
137, Lane 304, Hsin Lung Rd., Section 3
Taipei, Taiwan 116
Phone: 886-2-2239-8105-6
Fax: 886 -2-2239-7634

U-boat case

Readers may recall your June 2000 article “Fighting U-boat
for endangered sea turtles lands Visakha SPCA founder in hot water.”
We have just succeeded in getting the false case brought against us
for allegedly disturbing a sea turtle’s nest quashed in the Andhra
Pradesh High Court, where it was proved that the case was vindictive
and manipulated, supported by the interests of power and
conservationists who did not want a humane society to be involved in
sea turtle protection. The case was judged in August 2006. We
celebrate in silence, uncertain if the sea turtle habitat will
recover where the dreadful submarine was dragged ashore to be placed
as a monument, and concerned because the project promoters are
thinking of bringing another warship to the site.
–Pradeep Kumar Nath
Visakha SPCA
26-15-200 Main Rd.
530001, India
Phone: 91-891-564759

Zoo vs. wild

Kristen Conrad was quoted in your July/August feature “China
tries to rewrite the prescription for tigers,” as saying, “I think
it can be more humane to kill a zoo animal than to kill wildlife.”
Zoos cannot be called an ideal or near natural home for wildlife,
though animals in capitivity need not seek food or shelter, but
killing another creature cannot be considered humane.
Trade in wildlife or parts of wild and endangered animals,
even those who have died from natural causes, must not be encouraged
or supported. The international conservation authorities and all
animal welfare and conservation groups should rise strongly against
–Sandeep Kumar Jain
People for Animals /Ludhiana
2696/IA, Sunder Nagar
Ludhiana 7, India
Phone: 0161-650051
Fax: 0161-664407

Namibian sealing

Thank you very much for highlighting the Namibian seal hunt,
underway since July 1 with a quota of 85,000 pups plus 7,000 bulls.
The 2006 sealing season will see a genocidal slaughter of every baby
seal born in two colonies which account for 75% of the population. As
this operation is not a sustainable use of seals and in fact is a
threat to the future survival of the species, I have laid a
complaint with the United Nations Convention on International Trade
in Endangered Species on behalf of this Appendix II species, and
intend to seek criminal charges against the sealers and the Namibian
minister responsible.
–Francois Hugo
Seal Alert
c/o Box 221 – Post Net
Hout Bay 7872
South Africa;

G8 Summit

The G8 Summit, held July 15-17, has come to the end. The
leaders ate roasted roe deer and guinea fowl. All the dogs near the
Konstantinovsky palace were killed by the militia. Nobody bothered
them. All the journalists kept smiling. St. Petersburg chief
veterinarian Yury Andreev told us at the conference that during the
year before the Summit his department killed 6,000 dogs. The world
remained indifferent to the voiceless victims. My voice is too weak
to attract attention.
At the moment they go on killing, but inside.
–Marina Ermakova
Baltic Care of Animals
St. Petersburg, Russia


Thank you so much for your July/August editorial, “Who will
inherit the animal rights movement?” My animal advocacy started with
finding an Animal Protection Institute magazine on a laboratory
countertop in 1979. Once I found out what vivisection was, I could
not be silent–and so started a lifelong commitment to the rights of
animals. It was wonderful to read the history of the animal rights
movement and the names of the trailblazers. Thank you for your
research, advocacy, and tireless watchdogging of this challenging
journey we animal lovers share.
–Laura Staples
Sarasota, Florida

Central America

Guaus & Miaus magazine editor Gisela Vico and veterinarians
Blas Rivas and Gerardo Vicente traveled in April 2006 to Nicaragua,
to commence McKee Project work there, funded by the North Shore
Animal League America. More than 20 veterinarians received their
first small incision sterilization course, and were taught how to
organize sterilization clinic days.
Additionally, Dr. Vicente spoke about why we cannot afford to
build shelters in Central America, and must put all our resources
into sterilization and pro-active community programs.
Besides Nicaragua, we have begun work in Panama, and plan
to hold a training event there within 60 days. It appears that the
Panama Ministry of Health wants to adopt the McKee philosophy.
Marvin Mackie, DVM, and Phyllis Daugherty, who put
together a training CD showing his surgical technique, sent us
permission to adapt the Spanish version to be presented along with a
gift spay hook to each vet who finishes our surgery training.
–Christine Crawford
McKee Project / Costa Rica
c/o Selva Mar Express Mail
1641 NW 79th Ave.,
Miami, FL 33126
Phone: 506-293-6461

No junk wanted!

I received a t-shirt from the Black Beauty Ranch, begun by
the Fund for Animals, now a project of the Humane Society of the
U.S. I sent back the contribution form without a donation, stating
that I don’t wear t-shirts, and would give the shirt to Goodwill.
Other animal groups please note, and don’t spend money sending items
that people don’t need or want.
–Patricia Ensign
Miami, Florida


I have several boxes of animal rights and vegetarian
magazines from the eighties and nineties, many of them long out of
print, that I will have to recycle unless someone wants them. If
anyone is interested stateside (overseas mail costs are prohibitive)
I would gladly send a box or two.
–Suzana Megles
1638 Winchester Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
Phone: 216-221-5559


Please provide regular reports on bullfighting and how best
your readers can support efforts to ban it.
–John Joseph
Lawrence, Massachusetts

Replacing equines

We have been working for nine years for the welfare and
protection of animals, especially dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys.
Multan city mayor Nazima e Ala of Multan city has announced intent to
work out a plan to replace the use of donkey and horse carts with
motor rickshaws.
We seek advice and guidance.
–Khalid Mahmood Qurashi
Animal Save Movement Pakistan
#1094/2 Hussain Agahi
Multan 60000
Phone: 92-3007-368557

Thanks from India

We are happy to receive ANIMAL PEOPLE. It is very much
helpful to our trust and the world.
–Dr. V. Vallaiappan
Managing Trustee
Paani Mithran Trust for
Animal Welfare Protection
28 Vasanthanagar 2nd St.
Madurai 625 003
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: 98241-66533

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