Two major donations

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2006:

Bob Barker, 83, host of The Price Is Right TV game show
since 1972, on May 5, 2006 donated $1 million to the Georgetown
University Law Center for the study of animal rights law. Barker
previously established $1 million endowments for the study of animal
rights law at Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, Stanford, Northwestern,
and Duke universities. “Barker’s donation will be used to strengthen
and expand the Law Center’s animal rights law curriculum, provide
opportunities for students to work in the field, support
student-initiated animal rights projects, and sponsor conferences
and symposia on subjects related to animal protection,” said Elissa
Free, who made the announcement for the university. Her mother,
the late Ann Cottrell Free, devoted much of her life to advancing
legal protection for animals.

Houston realtor Bernard Aptaker, 80, recently donated 60
acres to the Houston SPCA to become the future site of Freedom Farm,
a refuge for rescued farm animals, Houston SPCA director Patty
Mercer announced in early June. The gift is in memory of a special
dog and her pups. “Born in the largely Jewish village of Zakrzowek,
Poland, not far from Lublin, Aptaker was 13 when the Germans
invaded in 1939,” wrote Allan Turner of the Houston Chronicle.
Aptaker’s mother and one brother died in Nazi gas chambers, but
Aptaker, his father, and another brother survived in concentration
camps. “Two German soldiers knocked on our door,” recalled Aptaker,
“With them were three Polish firemen, showing the Germans where the
Jews lived. I had a small dog. She had three puppies. The little
dog tried to defend me. A German shot her. The firemen stomped the

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