BOOKS: Cairo Cats: Egypt’s Enduring Legacy

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2006:

Cairo Cats: Egypt’s Enduring Legacy
Photos by Lorraine Chittock
Camel Caravan Press 1999, reissued 2001, 2006.
Order c/o <>. 96 pages, paperback. $18.95.

Itinerant photographer and animal welfare volunteer Lorraine
Chittock has sold out two editions of Cairo Cats during the past
seven years, donating part of each press run and some of the
proceeds as well to the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends.
This is the third edition.
The content consists chiefly of photos of Cairo street cats,
captioned with appropriate quotes from Islamic literature. The
photos illustrate that while Cairo street cats often lead hard lives
and die young, they are at home in their native habitat, with
little evident sense that they are “suffering” by mostly living
outdoors on birds and mice. Many seem to see themselves as the
rulers of their domain.

While Cairo Cats enjoys enduring popularity, Chittock has
journeyed on to volunteer stints with the Best Friends Animal Society
and Kenya SPCA, and has helped ANIMAL PEOPLE to cover the
post-Hurri-cane Katrina rescue effort in New Orleans. At last word
she was investigating animal welfare in Belize and Costa Rica.

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