UARC files First Amendment case in Salt Lake

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2006:

Utah Animal Rights Coalition members Eric Waters and David
Berg on March 1, 2006 sued representatives of six different state
agencies for allegedly violating their First Amendment right to
freedom of expression, one day after Utah Highway Patrol trooper
Preston Raban stopped them from leafleting outside the Utah state
capitol against two bills which would lower the minimum age for
Waters and Berg are represented by Salt Lake City attorney
Brian Barnard, who has handled other high-profile civil rights cases
involving animal advocates.
“According to court documents, Raban told Berg and Waters
that handing fliers to anyone who didn’t ask for one was against
state law and was considered soliciting,” summarized Jennifer Dobner
of Associated Press. “The lawsuit also contends that Raban
threatened to arrest Berg and Waters.”

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