Ohio Supreme Court rules for OSU

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2006:

COLUMBUS–Ruling against an appeal by the Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine, the Ohio Supreme Court held
unanimously on March 15, 2006 that photographs and video recordings
of animal experiments made by researchers for their own use are
protected from disclosure under the Ohio open records law because
they are considered “intellectual property.”
PCRM sought to obtain copies of documentation of spinal cord
research done by the Ohio State University College of Medicine.
PCRM “argued that the records already had been publicly released and
therefore were no longer exempt,” summarized Associated Press. “Ohio
State acknowledged that it had loaned some of the records to
scientists and research trainees, and had shown a small number of
the records to scientists at medical conferences. But the court
accepted the university’s argument that those disclosures related to
conducting the research itself.”

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