Activist wins civil rights case in Oklahoma City

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2006:

Oklahoma City vegetarian activist Alissa Finley on January
25, 2006 won dismissal of charges brought against her on October 18,
2005 in connection with her attempts to photograph the scene of a
truck accident at which police eventually shot as many as 60 injured
pigs by the roadside.
“Due to my very dedicated attorneys, the photos of the day,
and a 1965 U.S. Supreme Court decision against Birmingham, Alabama,
upholding a petitioner’s right to be on a public sidewalk, we have
maintained at least some First Amendment rights in Oklahoma,” Finley
“Now, on to the civil suit.”
Elaborated Finley to ANIMAL PEOPLE, “Living in Okl-homa as a
vegan activist, I continually bump up against instances such as
this, which are clearly a violation of my civil rights due to what I
believe is prejudicial treatment against animal activists.”

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