New Jersey sues coin-can fundraiser

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2006:

NEWARK–New Jersey Attorney General Zulima V. Farber and
Consumer Affairs Director Kimberly Ricketts on February 1, 2006 sued
seeking “civil monetary penalties and to enjoin the National Animal
Welfare Foundation Inc. and its principal, Patrick G. Jemas, from
any future charitable activities in New Jersey,” they announced in a
joint news release.
“Between fiscal years 2002 and 2005, NAWF collected $70,795
in canister donations,” Farber and Ricketts explained, “but spent
$75,891 on fundraising, payroll, meals, automobiles, printing,
and other undefined areas. In only one fiscal year,” Farber and
Ricketts continued, “did reported donations exceed reported
Jemas’ activities came to light in September 2002 though a
“phony organizations” alert issued by Associated Humane Societies of
New Jersey executive director Rosanne Trezza, then assistant

Following up, ANIMAL PEOPLE reported in March 2003 that the
NAWF was incorporated in 1998 by Patrick G. Jemas and Gus C. Jemas,
both of Metchuchen, New Jersey, and William E. Helwig of Holmdel,
New Jersey. ANIMAL PEOPLE found little trace of NAWF program
service. The NAWF addresses turned out to be mail drops. The one IRS
Form 990 it had filed was mostly blank.
“Jemas previously was barred from employment as a paid
fund-raiser for the Associated Humane Societies,” Farber and
Ricketts said, “following the state’s investigation into Associated
Humane fundraising. In June 2005 Associated Humane agreed to pay
Consumer Affairs $138,057 and implement more than two dozen reforms
to settle allegations that it violated the state Consumer Fraud Act
and Chari-table Registration & Investigation Act.”
Jemas was among many fundraisers of dubious history with whom
former Associated Humane executive director Lee Bernstein did
business, 1969-2003. Bernstein retired in March 2003 as the details
surfaced, summarized in the April 2003 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE.
NAWF and Jemas allegedly operated as paid fundraisers for
other charities without being registered to do so, Farber and
Ricketts continued.
“NAWF and Jemas also are alleged to have contracted with an
unregistered independent paid fundraiser,” Farber and Ricketts
charged, while failing to “direct, manage and control that
fundraiser’s activities to ensure canister donations were accounted
for and provided to NAWF.”

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