Animal Obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2006:

Angus, 27, believed to be the world’s biggest captive
elephant, was found dead on January 8 by his trainer, Michael
Hackenberger, at the Bowmanville Zoo near Toronto. The star of the
Bowmanville Zoo elephant ride concession for 20 years, Angus died
about 30 hours after a sedative test given in preparation for
retiring him to the Pumba private game reserve near Port Elizabeth,
South Africa. Born in Kruger National Park, Angus was captured at
age two. He toured with the Garden Brothers Circus and briefly
resided at zoos in Quebec and Texas before arriving at Bowmanville
with Hackenberger and his wife, zoo veterinarian Wendy Korver. A
highlight of his life was swimming with beluga whales in the St.
Lawrence River on one occasion while on tour.

Ragtime, 19, a miniature performing horse who was involved
in a landmark 1989 zoning dispute in Thousand Oaks, California,
died on January 2, four days after his trainers, Rich & Patty
Fairchild, moved him and his mate Sassy to Colorado Springs.

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