Letters [Nov 2003]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2005:

PetSmart & live animal sales

Regarding PetSmart’s Luv-A-Pet Adoption Centers, described
in your September 2005 edition, and the October 2005 letter from
PetSmart Charities vice president Susana M. Della Maddalena, I
sincerely appreciate all that PetSmart Charities does for dogs and
cats, but implore PetSmart to reconsider selling other animals as
Birds, reptiles, fish and small mammals deserve the same
respect as dogs and cats. Petco, pressured by PETA and other animal
rights groups, in April 2005 agreed to stop selling large parrots.
Should we now campaign against PetSmart?
–Tami Myers
The Angry Parrot, Inc
P.O. Box 442
Thorndike, MA 01079
Phone: 413-283-5039

Editor’s note: PetSmart Charities, a subisidiary of
PetSmart, has no part in deciding what PetSmart stores sell.
PetSmart Charities executives have for at least eight years urged
PetSmart to extend to other species the philosophy that dogs and cats
should be adopted, not sold. A shrill response from some small
mammal advocates several years ago appeared to halt discussion of
experimentally offering small mammals for adoption rather than sale.
Petco, partnering with the House Rabbit society, in mid-2004 began
offering rabbits for adoption at selected stores.


With reference to your September article “Israeli rescuers
remove about 400 animals from Gaza,” no mention was made of the
Rehovot Society for the Protection of Animals. Using our rescue van,
donated by the Royal SPCA of Great Britain, and members’ own cars,
we brought many cats and dogs to safety. On September 3, 2005 we
and Let The Animals Live had an adoption day for the rescued animals.
All of our rescued dogs, some dogs already in our care, and six
cats found new loving homes.
–Mrs. V. Santar
Rehovot SPA
POB 1067
Rehovot 76110, Israel
Phone: 972-8-9445497

Marvin Mackie, DVM

In your October 2005 article on the QuickSpay DVD you
misspelled Dr. Mackie’s last name. For future reference, it’s W.
Marvin Mackie, DVM.
–Janet Ashley
Administrative Manager
Animal Birth Control
450 Arcadia Drive
San Pedro CA 90731
Los Angeles, Calif.

We have known and appreciated Dr. Mackie’s work for many
years, but also misspelled his name in our September 2005 article
“Who invented no-kill?” Apologies!

Disaster planning

In the February 2001 edition of DVM News, accessible at
<www.dvmnews.com/dvm>, I described under the heading “Pet rescue is
people rescue” the plan we developed in Sonoma County, California to
rescue pets in a disaster. It details a cooperative response among
the American Red Cross, animal control, and our local veterinary
association, and has helped rescue many animals in Sonoma County. I
feel this plan should be implemented nationally, immediately, but
my efforts to raise awarness of it so far have fallen on deaf ears.
–Eugene Kravis, DVM
Santa Rosa, California
Phone: 530-496-3511

AVMA position on foie gras

Your September 2005 article “AVMA refuses to condemn foie
gras” is a sad reflection of the veterinary profession. In August
2003 the Israeli Supreme Court banned the practice of force-feeding
geese to make foie gras, based on expert veterinary testimony and on
pathological evidence obtained from force-fed geese at post mortem.
If this documented evidence was good enough for the Israeli Supreme
Court, it should be good enough for the AVMA.
–Andre Menache, BSc(Hons), BVSc, MRCVS, FRSH
Veterinary Surgeon & past general manager of NOAH
(Israeli Federation of Societies for the Protection of Animals)
Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid
The Old Chapel, Bradford Street
Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW, U.K.

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